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Marita Bladh
Certified Life Coach & Professional Online Marketer

Marita BladhA Certified Coach for Life and Business

Everybody needs a Coach!

There is simply no way of knowing how to handle everything in our personal life - nor as a business owner.

That is probably why you go to a hairdresser once in a while. You don't want to learn how to cut your own hair - or you have tried it too and realized you were no good at it. Lol!

Same ting thing in business - we reach out to specialists all the time; weather it is to create a professional logo or


In a typical life coaching session, I use questioning techniques and other reflective and perspective-challenging practices so my client can create action plans for his or her next steps. Life coaching is meant to propel forward action, showing clients how to increase their self-awareness, clarify their goals, raise their confidence and commitment and identify paths forward.and a P


As a coach for home based business owners I teach my clients  how to brand and promote themselves and their business - all the way from getting leads to close deals, build successful big teams and of course improved mindset through insights, self motivation and inspiration. 

Marita's beautiful part of the world.

The Swedish West Coast on a sunny and beautiful late summer's day!

A word from Marita:


When I decided to become my own boss 8 years ago I took a huge risk! I was scared, I was excited - I felt truly alive! When I quit my job at a very large global pharmaceutical company - I felt FREE. I can still remember the feeling when I walked out of the office for the last time on the very last day! I wanted to laugh and jump up and down!! I loved myself so very much in that moment, because I knew in my heart that I was doing something wonderful for myself, my family and our future! I am not saying that it has always been easy - but I am telling you it has been worth it!!!

Marita has parntered with some amazing Entrepreneurs!

Marita Bladh

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