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1. Check out the products below. 2. Choose one sample. 3. Contact Marita with choice & address - email or Facebook. 4. Join our FB Group; Global Stars

(Only 1 sample per household. Samples are limited, first come, first serve.)

Marita Bladh - Indepenent MDC Affiliate & ICC Certified Personal Development & Business Coach.

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Welcome to My Daily Choice, Product Sample Program. Please choose your gift from Marita!

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Sample Coffee KIT.jpg

Hemp-Infused Coffee

Delicious, Bold Taste


Fresh energy in a cup.

- Hemp-infused coffee

- Keto friendly

- Made with the finest Arabica beans and chaga mushroom, loaded with antioxidants.

- 5mg of CBD per cup

Hair Care

Sample Schampoo KIT.jpg

Shampoo & Conditioner

Deep Hydration

Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Treat your hair to much-needed moisture.

- Formulated for dry, damaged hair

- Made with hemp seed oil

- Color-safe and free from sodium chloride and parabens

Essential Oil fragrances

Sample Mantra Scent KIT.jpg

Mantra Scents

Healing oil based "perfume"


Special blends to boost you!


- Confidence

- Resilience

- Abundant

- Powerful

- Worthy

- Loved

CBD Tinctures

Sample CBD oil KIT.jpg

CBD Tincture - without THC

CBD Tinctures

Broad Spectrum


Experience THC-free CBD.


- Supports health and wellness

- Promotes healthy mood and brain function

- Supports a healthy immune system

Joint Health

Sample Relief Cooling Creme KIT.jpg

Relief Cooling Creme

Skin Care

Sample Refresh Revive Kit.jpg

Day & Night Creme with CBD


Daily Moisturizing Cream with CBD + CBG

Harvest the benefits of CBD, CBG and apple stem cells.

- Lightweight, hydrating moisturizer

- Infused with natural extracts

- Ideal for daily use to support healthier skin


Restorative Night Cream with CBD + CBG

Give your skin a nourishing boost while you sleep:

- Can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

- May improve skin tone and the appearance of your skin

- Can seal in hydration


My Daily Choice, recommended by

Coffee with CBD & Chaga

Mantra Scents,
Essential Oil


Cooling Topical Cream with CBD + CBG


You deserve a relaxing CBD massage.

- Comforting and cooling

- Infused with CBD

- Made with emu oil

Great for joints and after working out.

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